Off to Shanghai!

Last week, I was tweeting up a storm at the ScienceOnline Together unconference, which was a 30-minute drive away. This week, I’m jetting off to Shanghai for a neuroeconomics conference, which is 24+ hours of total travel time (blech).

I’m not so excited about the epic travel boredom, but I am excited to get to meet some of my science heroes! Paul Glimcher published what is probably the first neuroeconomics papers ever and hasn’t stopped publishing since. He’s one of the authors on the adolescent decision-making paper that I wrote about here. Elizabeth Phelps has done some amazing work on the influence of emotions on decision-making, as well as some neat stuff looking at how fear shapes memories.

Funny that they’re at NYU, but I’m going all the way to China to hear them speak. Hopefully I will learn a lot. I definitely plan to eat a lot. And I hope I don’t breathe in pollution a lot. I will not be Tweeting a lot because Twitter is banned, as is Facebook and the NY Times. Sigh, China.



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