2015 has been a busy year

I have done a terrible job at keeping up my science writing. My folder of cool studies to write about keeps growing, and my spare time to do such writing has continued to dwindle. Here are some the science-related things I have done in 2015:

  • Published my first first-author paper about how kids do not fear the unknown. That will be my next pop science write-up!
  • Led the organization and execution of ComSciCon-Triangle 2015, a local, 2-day science communications workshop for other grad students. You can see how that went on Twitter @ComSciConTri and #ComSciCon.
  • Had my first undergraduate thesis student successfully write and defend her thesis! She gets to Graduate with Distinction next week. I am so proud of her.
  • Was published in Science twice (in January and April). Unfortunately, it was not my research getting into the pages of Science, but it’s still fun to say that I’ve been published in one of the top scientific journals. And you can download my face as a PowerPoint slide for teaching at the Science website, which I find hilarious.

Here’s what’s on deck for the rest of 2015


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