How to Spot Stellar Brain Science Infographic

In my last post, I promised that my next pop science write-up would be about my own research. That piece has been written for months, but I am working on getting it published in a legit media outlet, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, I was inspired by this infographic about spotting bad science to create my own infographic about How to Spot Stellar Brain Science. The content is based on an article by Russ Poldrack, one of my neuroscience heroes.

Click for zoomable version

Click for zoomable version

fMRI studies can generate flashy popular press coverage, and studies have shown that just adding brain images makes scientific reports seem more credible. Thus, it’s important to know how to critically evaluate the quality of neuroimaging studies.

Dr. Poldrack’s piece is a great teaching tool for undergraduates or anyone new to cognitive neuroscience. Last semester, I had my students read Dr. Poldrack’s piece and then analyze this extremely popular NY Times Op-Ed about how fMRI data purportedly show that we literally love our iPhones.

Does the Op-Ed pass the infographic test? I’ll refer you to Dr. Poldrack himself. If you want a second opinion, I’ll refer you to these dozens of other neuroscience PhDs and professors.


4 thoughts on “How to Spot Stellar Brain Science Infographic

  1. Lucía Magis Weinberg says:

    Hi Rosa, I really liked this infographic and would like to ask for your permission to translate it into Spanish? I write for a blog aimed at the Spanish speaking neurocrowd, and I think they would really benefit from this summary. Would it be all right?

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